A 16 Year Sustained Effort

In March of 1994, a large Corporate Client in Palo Alto decided to think seriously about its water use.   Its campus occupied 100 Acres and had gradually built up its campus to contain 14 buildings.  The campus was surrounded by lawns and ornamental landscape.  The company hired Jensen Corporation to prepare a landscape water budget and a proposal to reduce water use.   After being hired Jensen began a systematic effort to analyze, control and ultimately reduce water usage.  This involved installing 11 water meters, 38 controllers and mapping, measuring and adjusting over 1000 valves.

Results were promising, and in the first year, Jensen reduced the client’s water bill by almost $100,000.

The team stayed together for the next 16 years.  Each year, there were new goals set, improvements budgeted and funded and continual budgeting, monitoring and reporting were followed.

  • After 16 years, over $2,700,000 has been saved from that baseline year,
  • Part of the water savings have funded landscape renovations, such that what was once 80 acres of turf  has now been reduced to 5 acres.
  • The team is still intact, following its routine of continuous improvement.

A Water Management Success Story