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In 2006, Scott McGilvray, founder of Wateraware, set out to have the landscape water management principles and techniques that he had pioneered in the  early 1990s as President of Jensen Corporation adopted as industry standard.  Mr. McGilvray offered to build a Landscape Water Management Performance Program for the California Landscape Contractors’ Association (CLCA) based on the Jensen model.


Site diagnostics by remote access

The CLCA  subsequently funded  an interactive study guide to be developed by a team led by McGilvray and approved by the California Water Districts.  As of mid-2010, 945 persons have taken the training and been tested at basic competence at the knowledge contained in the study guide.

In 2007 -2008, CLCA agreed to undertake the building of a web based landscape water budget and performance tracking system.  Led by Mr. McGilvray and Peter Estournes, CLCA state president in 2007, and staffed by John Moore, Larry Rohlfes and David Silva, this program is now well underway. Participating sites are given a Landscape Water Budget based on their size, crops, and location.  Each Sites’ Manager reports monthly water meter readings to receive a Landscape Water Usage Report (PDF) report comparing the site’s performance to the budget for the current month and Year to Date.

tecnician and tableWater Managers who can manage the landscape at or below budget become certified.  To remain certified, the landscape must continue to be managed at budget.  Results are checked quarterly as the certification is dependent upon performance. In 2009-2010, CLCA funded the effort to make the water budget and the meter reporting process available via the internet.  The result is CLCAengine.com.

Meter Reading

Users can enter a new site, report meter readings, obtain mid-month projections of their performance, and obtain water usage reports all in a secure environment.   In Mid 2010 there were 440 sites in the program managed by 220 water managers.  65 Water managers are certified,  5 of which are certified as “Expert” which requires that they manage at least 5 sites at 80% of ET0 or less  on a continual basis.

Wateraware: In addition to being the co-director of the CLCA Landscape Water Management Performance program, Mr. McGilvray has his own water management firm which offers even more advanced and successful water management techniques and tools  to property owners.