Site Water Management

Site Water Management

Site Water Management

A three-step process whereby a property is diagnosed, budgeted, and managed into the proper water use.

1. Consulting

We visit your site and do a general review of the plant material, irrigation system and size of the landscape. With this information we create a Preliminary Landscape Water Budget (PDF).  We then review the last three year’s water bills and compare the actual usage to the budget we have created.   Finally, we provide a range of likely water savings and a proposal for how to realize those savings.

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2. Program Management

Next we start an intensive diagnostic period that can last from anywhere between 90 days to 8 months.  During this period we completely Map (PDF) & measure the site valve by valve and inspect the irrigation system in its entirety. Once this information is processed, we develop a detailed baseline Irrigation Schedule (PDF), complete with monthly adjustments, and install it on site. At the end of the intensive diagnostic period A Detailed Report predicting water savings and detailing the key factors is presented to the client.

3. Continued Water Management

WaterAware trains a member of your team to adjust the schedule and irrigation system on a weekly basis. The owner receives a monthly Landscape Water Usage Report (PDF) on water consumption compared to budget. The site visit frequency is decreased to bi-weekly then monthly as a balance is reached.

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Training Staff

Water Conservation is always a team effort.  WaterAware prides itself in its ability to work with your staff in order to ensure that we realize the potential savings.  As your staff’s competency increases, than our involvement in the project diminishes.

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