How much does the average property owner overwater?
California Water Districts have tracked and analyzed landscape water use since the drought of 1989.  Most studies have found that large landscapes are grossly overwatered.  The Santa Clara Valley Water District states that large gardens and industrial parks receive 156% of Eto.  That means that these landscapes receive 200% of the Water they need.

What are the Wateraware Water Savings calculations based upon?
The Wateraware calculator is conservative.  It is based on potential savings of 30%.  This is less than can be saved on most sites but a good place to start.

How does Wateraware work?
At the core of the Wateraware system are the 17 proprietary algorithms that allow for detailed analysis of a site in a relatively quick time period. Wateraware works with your team to bring your property into budget and then makes sure that it stays there.

Do Water Districts support watering to a landscape water budget?
State legislation (AB1881, 2006) mandated that landscape water use be subjected to a water budget.  That budget standard beginning in 2011 is 70% Eto.

What if my maintenance contractor or key employee who understands the Wateraware processes quits or moves away?
Wateraware keeps all information on each account on a protected server.  If you change Maintenance Companies for any reason we will be happy to work with the new people to maintain your water management practices.