Scott McGilvray, Founder & President


Scott McGilvray was the co-owner and president of Jensen Corporation and Jensen Landscape Services from 1982  to 2004, when he and his partner, Duane Wasson bought the landscape construction business from Fred Jensen. In 1988, with Don de Fever, the three partners started Jensen Landscape Services, a landscape maintenance firm. The three partners built the business to its current level of over 300 employees. The firm was sold via an ESOP to the employees in 2004. It continues to thrive under the third generation of management, all home grown.

Scott McGilvray’s involvement in Landscape Water Management dates back to 1989, the last major drought to affect California. McGilvray was appointed to the Governor’s task force in 1990 that drafted the original Model Landscape Water Conservation ordinance. McGilvray has stayed involved in water management for the last 20 years, and was awarded member of the year by the California Landscape Contractors Association (CLCA) for his work on water conservation.

Scott McGilvray has been working on Landscape Water management since 2006, as chairman of the CLCA Resource/Water committee.  He founded and is currently co-director of the CLCA Landscape Water Management Performance Certification Program.

Educated at Stanford University. AB Economics, 1966. MBA 1968.